Keith Hershberger

Keith made his first pot on the wheel in 1989 and pretty much never looked back. Although he quit his full time day job this past summer to spend more time making pots, he has been making a living working in clay for over 20 years. He also works part time as Exhibition Coordinator at Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild and as an adjunct professor at CCAC.
You can find his work in several regional galleries, at local shows like Three River’s Arts Festival A Fair in the Park.
His work has been published in 500 Prints on Clay and in Graphic Clay by Jason Burnett.


Adam Conway

Adam returns to Pittsburgh and his pottery brothers and sisters for the Highland Park Pottery Tour from his new home in Baltimore, where he carries on the missions he championed at the Union Project for the past three years- studio safety, community, and whimsy, not necessarily in that order. Adam continues to make pots and teach pottery classes, despite the distance that separates him from his friends in Iron City.
Adam acts as an ambassador for Pittsburgh in Baltimore, and has found that the two cities share many similarities that he finds very enjoyable.

Nancy Smeltzer

Nancy Smeltzer was introduced to wood firing and vapor glazing during her ceramic studies at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. In 2000 she moved to Smicksburg where she established Little Mahoning Creek Pottery . She fires her work in the two wood kilns a Bourry box and a Manabigama which she built , Nancy has always been fascinated with the way wood ash and salt enhance her drawings of birds and the natural world. Nancy is a juried member of both the Pittsburgh Craftsmen’s guild and the Pennsylvania guild of Craftsmen.

Amanda Wolf

Amanda Wolf is a full-time studio potter living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She attended Indiana University of Pennsylvania and earned her BFA in 2003. After graduating, she moved to Pittsburgh and began teaching in the education programs at the Carnegie Museum of Art. In 2005, Amanda began teaching at the Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild, where she taught for eight years. Amanda is currently making pottery full time for her business Wolf’s Den Pottery, as well as teaching for Stray Cat Studio in Beaver Falls, PA.