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Joseph Delphia

with Scott Cornish, Gerry Dinnen and Dale Huffman

Address: 5505 Avondale Pl
Artist bio and photos

Jeff Guerrero

with Chelsey Albert

Address: 716 N. Sheridan Ave. Apt 2
Artist bio and photos

Keith Hershberger

with Marko Biddle, Adam Conway and Amanda Wolf

Address: 5511 Avondale Pl
Artist bio and photos

Jenna Vanden Brink

with Toby Atticus Fraley, Heather Geyman and Kyle Houser

Address: 5800 Wellesley Ave
Artist bio and photos

Union Project Ceramic Co-op

with Molly Bee, Kimberlyn Bloise, Mary Briggs, Carina Kooiman, Araina Marsden, Martha Matthews, Silvia Singh, Talon Smith, Claire Thibodeau and Gloria Tsang

Address: 801 N. Negley Ave.
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